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Especially suitable for tough operations that demand increased torque (such as in hard working materials) without the risk of the screw to cam-out due to the Pozidriv design of the tip. Unleash durability without compromising your budget with RedStripe.

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S2 Steel Blade

S2 stands for a steel alloy (a substance formed from the combination of two or more metals). Compared to pure metals, alloys have better properties, such as shock-resisting.

S2 grants the tool with a hard-to-break blade, but still flexible enough to resist the torsion (twisting movement) as this is a characteristic movement when using screwdrivers.

Black Tip

Increases friction between the tip and the screw recess, enhancing driving force and accuracy. Ensures that the screwdriver won't slip off the fastener, avoiding damage to surfaces like painted car exteriors or expensive wooden furniture.

2K Handle

2K is the abbreviation of “2 component”. It is formed by a blend of a rigid and resistant plastic (PP or polypropylene) with a non-slip, soft material known as TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). It offers a cushioned and grippy handle, ensuring comfort during extended use, even with greasy hands.

Wide Visible Markings

Enable quick identification, for effortlessly pick the right tool from a tool bag or pouch, saving time and efforts.

Versatile Design

RedStripe Screwdrivers are crafted with convenience in mind. Its bottom features a hole, making it shop-ready for retail businesses, and works as a lanyard hole, enabling easy carrying or tethering when working at heights.