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Versatility and Scalability: a combination of the most used types of accessories for a broad range of applications in the fields of industrial maintenance, construction projects, automotive repair, and furniture assembly.

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Chrome-Vanadium Steel (Sockets, Extensions & Ratchets)

The usual elevated torque demanded to tighten / loosen up bolts and nuts with big diameters is followed by the need a very resistant steel. The Chrome-Vanadium alloy (mix of two or more metals) enhances resistance to rusting and provides additional strength and hardness in tough operations.

Wide Visible Markings (Sockets)

Enable quick identification, for effortlessly pick the right socket easier - a big benefit when working under a car with low light, for example.

Ball-Catch Groove (Sockets)

The sockets from the set are equipped with a ball-catch groove. It allows the socket to be safely and reliably fixed on the square bolt of the ratchet, avoiding it to be expelled.

Firm Grip (Sockets)

The knurled pattern of the sockets located around the socket cup allied to the matt texturized chrome plate finishing provides an exceptional grip while handling them even with greasy or wet hands.

Precision Design (Sockets)

The low clearance on the socket drive allows it to be quickly guided as well to grip and apply torque to the flat sides of the fasteners rather than the corners. It also supports the turning of worn off bolts with round corners and reduces the slipping on frozen fasteners.

2K Handle (Ratchet)

2K is the abbreviation of “2 component”. It is formed by a blend of a rigid and resistant plastic (PP or polypropylene) with a non-slip, soft material known as TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). It offers a cushioned and grippy handle, ensuring comfort during extended use, even with greasy hands.

Rear Quick-Release Button (Ratchet)

makes swapping tiny, tough-to-grab sockets an easier process. It supports on releasing the socket from the face of the tool, making for a convenient way to swap sockets for differently sized fasteners without pulling the socket off by hand.

Reversible Lever (Ratchet)

Added convenience: changeover from clockwise to anti-clockwise position with a one-hand operation.

72 Teeth Gear (Ratchet)

Located on the tool’s head, it helps users make progress on a fastener in even the tightest of situations (like inside a car’s wheel well during a brake job) since it requires just 5 degrees of swing to make progress on the fastener, whether tightening or loosening.

ORSY Blow Mold Cases

Wurth exclusive design perfectly fit for the ORSY System: added convenience in terms of saving storage space for the regular Wurth customers that already make use of that.