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Robust design and durable material for the most demanding applications in diverse sectors such as automotive, furniture and industrial. The perfect blend of affordability and reliability.

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CRV Steel Blade

CRV stands for a steel alloy (a substance formed from the combination of two or more metals). Compared to pure metals, alloys have better properties, such as shock-resisting. CRV grants the tool with a hard-to-break blade, but still flexible enough to resist the torsion (twisting movement) as this is a characteristic movement when using screwdrivers.

Anti-Slip Handle

The blade is coated with a thick layer of textured matte chrome that offers a nice sturdy grip. It also provides an extra resistance to oils, greases, dirt, and other aggressive substances commonly found in workshops and construction sites, such as cement and solvents from paint that could attack the surface and lead to corrosion.

Non-Magnetic Tip

Won’t attract metal shavings or swarf, which could clog the threads or head of the fastener.

Hexagonal Shaped Blade

Allows reaching higher torque levels by using the aid of a spanner or plier attached to the blade.

90 Degrees Arm

Highly appropriate access to fasteners that are difficult to reach. Additionally, the chamfered edge, significantly facilitates the swift attachment of the wrench to the screw drive (head).

Wide Angle Movement

Allows extreme mobility with a wide movement of up to 30 degrees when working in tighter spaces or with very low clearance.

Wide Visible Markings

Enable quick identification, for effortlessly pick the right tool from a tool bag or pouch, saving time and efforts.

Lightweight, Compact and Robust Plastic Case

Perfect for keeping in the pocket, tossing in the pouch of tool belt. It is labeled with large, easy to read sizes like in the shafts, which have the big sizes engraved.


The hole on the top of the case allows immediate placement for retail business. Also works as a lanyard hole for easy carrying or tethering when working at heights.