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PPE Nitrile disposable glove

Nitrile disposable glove

Art. No 9501006807

Disposable gloves nitrile DGY01

PPE Braai Gloves

Braai Gloves

Art. No 0WAG900505

Heat Resitant Gloves, perfect for your next braai/grill

PPE Welding helmet

Welding helmet

Art. No 0984700653

Welding helmet Stella

PPE Welding goggles

Welding goggles

Art. No 0984502250

FORNAX PLUS welding goggles

PPE Welding protective sleeve

Welding protective sleeve

Art. No 0984312101

Welder's protective sleeve, split leather

PPE Welding glove

Welding glove

Art. No 0984310002

Welder glove Pro

PPE Blue, adhesive-free plaster

Blue, adhesive-free plaster

Art. No 089951225

Adhesive-free plaster, Elast latex-free blue

PPE Disposable gloves nitrile black

Disposable gloves nitrile black

Art. No 0899470400

Disposable gloves nitrile black 6.8

PPE Disposable nitrile grip glove

Disposable nitrile grip glove

Art. No 0899470123

Nitrile disposable gloves Grip, orange

PPE Protective glove TIGERFLEX® Guard

Protective glove TIGERFLEX® Guard

Art. No 0899451461

Protective glove TIGERFLEX Guard

PPE Cut protection glove TIGERFLEX®

Cut protection glove TIGERFLEX®

Art. No 0899451360

Cut protection glove Tigerflex W-230 Level C

PPE Protective glove

Protective glove

Art. No 0899411221

Protective glove nitrile Tigerflex Double

PPE Protective glove nitrile TIGERFLEX® Plus

Protective glove nitrile TIGERFLEX® Plus

Art. No 0899411020

Protective glove nitrile TIGERFLEX Plus

PPE Protective glove

Protective glove

Art. No 0899401511

Protective glove nitrile Baseflex

PPE Protective glove

Protective glove

Art. No 0899401071

Nitrile protective glove Softflex

PPE Arm guard

Arm guard

Art. No 0899400421

Arm guard W-290 Level C

PPE Corded ear plugs

Corded ear plugs

Art. No 0899300364

Corded ear plugs PLUXONE with holder

PPE Ear defender

Ear defender

Art. No 0899300361

Ear defenders A812

PPE Disposable breathing mask

Disposable breathing mask

Art. No 0899121102

Disp. brth. mask FFP2 w/o valve

PPE Askella Correction safety glasses

Askella Correction safety glasses

Art. No 0899103162

Safety goggles Askella

PPE Safety glasses

Safety glasses

Art. No 0899103122

Standard safety goggles

PPE Ergo safety glasses

Ergo safety glasses

Art. No 0899102012

Safety glasses, Ergo

PPE Safety goggles, Ergo Foam

Safety goggles, Ergo Foam

Art. No 0899102003

Safety goggles, Ergo-Foam

PPE Safety goggles

Safety goggles

Art. No 0899102002

Safety goggles Ergo-Top

PPE Face shield

Face shield

Art. No 0899101225

Face shield Basic

Coming Soon Snap hook

Snap hook

Art. No 0899032925

Trilock karabiner

Coming Soon Locking carabiner, oval

Locking carabiner, oval

Art. No 0899032920

Screw karabiner, oval

Coming Soon Safety harness

Safety harness

Art. No 0899032911

Safety harness, basic

Coming Soon Fall arrester device Pro with steel cable

Fall arrester device Pro with steel cable

Art. No 0899032121

Fall arrestor Pro with steel cable

Coming Soon D-ring extension

D-ring extension

Art. No 0899032094

D-ring extension

Coming Soon Y-connector


Art. No 0899032015


PPE Disposable protective suit

Disposable protective suit

Art. No 0899021245

Disposable protective suit W14

PPE Disposable protective suit

Disposable protective suit

Art. No 0899021215

Disposable protective suit Coverall Pro 5/6