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Rafter Square Aluminum
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Rafter Square Aluminum

Very Handy and light weight for quick measurements and scribing, can be used as a Try Square, Miter Square, Saw Guide, Line Scriber, Protractor, Level, and Angle Finder.

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Easy-to-read angle scale and Pivot for Protracting

  • To use the protractor feature, first find the “Pivot” point marked in the 90° corner.

  • Allows you to find any angle from 0 degrees to 90 degrees for many of your special designs such as carvings, picture framing, furniture, room dividers, shadow boxes, "cut-outs", routings etc.

Common, and HIP-VAL(Hip-valley) of top cuts for time saving

For quickly finding common (and uncommon) rafter angles for the pitches on roofs by use of the main protractor and two specialty protractor angle guides on the inside of the tool.

The guide directly above the protractor is marked “Common.” Common roof pitches are indicated as the rise for common rafters from 1″ to 30″.

Above this guide is another, marked “HIP-VAL.” This stands for “Hip-Valley”.

Excellent right angle guide for an electric or hand saw

For cross-cutting the board at an accurate 90° or 45° angle.