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Anaerobic adhesive ALL-IN-ONE
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Anaerobic adhesive ALL-IN-ONE

Medium strength, anaerobic curing and thixotropic adhesive and sealant

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ALL IN ONE can be used as a thread lock or pipe seal, as a sealant for flanges and housings and for fixing bearings to rods or shafts.


  • Removable with hand tools

  • Prevents rust and corrosion

  • Heat-resistant up to 150°C

  • Even curing on a variety of metals, including stainless steel and most metal-plated fasteners

  • High degree of resistance to solvents

ALL IN ONE fulfils the following requirements

  • NSF Category FDA P1 for indirect food contact

  • ANSI Standard 61 for use in drinking water systems

  • DVGW certification for gas pipe applications (DIN EN 751-1)

  • KTW approval (plastics in contact with drinking water)

Benefits when used as screw retainer

  • Prevents unwanted movements, loosening, leaks

  • Ideal for adjusting screws, calibration screws, gauges and for fasteners up to M80

  • Resistant to vibration

  • Used to fill cracks and gaps

Benefits when used as a pipe sealant

  • For sealing all metallic pipe connections and fittings

  • Does not shrink and does not block systems

  • The seal withstands vibration and shock loads

  • Seals against conventional gases and fluids

  • The product is available with drinking water and gas approvals

  • Prevents corrosion and seizing

  • Seals fittings with threads up to 3 inches and is heat resistant up to 150°C

Benefits when used as a surface sealant

  • For sealing flanges and surfaces

  • Replaces solid seals - reduces stock

  • Fills gaps up to 0.5 mm

  • No settling effects

  • Withstands high pressure after complete curing

Benefits when used for bearing locking

  • For fastening cylindrical connecting parts

  • Reduces or eliminates expensive machining operations due to the possibility of greater tolerances

  • Eliminates specific surface finishing requirements

  • Prolongs the life of the equipment through better fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance

  • Completely fills gaps and ensures full material contact