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Visit Wurth SA at Nampo 2024 l Increase Productivity Levels and Achieve Agricultural Excellence

Join Wurth SA at Nampo 2024 and see our wide range of quality Wurth products designed to meet all your Agricultural needs. The Wurth SA team will showcase a range of power tools, hand tools, fasteners, automotive parts and so much more.

Come and test the range at our hands-on demo stations at our outdoor stand situated at D21 and access personalised agricultural expertise tailored to meet your needs. With over 6000 product solutions Wurth offers innovative solutions that drive productivity and efficiency in farming operations, empowering farmers and agri-professionals to get more work done, faster.


Increase Productivity With Innovative Wurth Solutions

Our extensive range of products including: lasers, spirit levels, measuring tapes, fixings, screws and fasteners, power and hand tools, automotive parts, chemicals, welders, PPE and more, have all been designed to cater to a wide variety of applications in the farming industry.

Wurth’s German engineered products ensure tool longevity ensuring better work output and productivity levels allowing users working in the Agricultural and affiliated sectors to get more work done, faster.

Hoses, Couplings and Clamps

Working in the agricultural sector means having reliable and high-quality hoses, couplings and clamps for your machinery and operations is critical.

The Wurth range of hoses are durable and able to hand various liquids and pressures. Additionally, the range of couplings and clamps are designed to securely connect hoses without leaking to ensure productivity..

Automotive Parts

Spiral or dual hoses are ideal products for use in farming applications and the Wurth range offers extreme resistance to wear and tear, as well as to oil, fuel and UV rays.

The PUR material resists abrasion, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan even in demanding agricultural environments. The spiral design allows for easy handling and storage, minimizing the risk of kinks and tangles.


Agricultural machinery often requires frequent maintenance and repair and the range of Wurth machining solutions ensures you minimise machine downtime and increase your productivity.


High quality power tools are essential to ensuring agricultural productivity levels remain high. Agricultural operations such as equipment maintenance, fence erections and building structures all require high power and quality power tools to get the job done.

Our range of pneumatic and battery-operated power tools ensure the work only stops when the job is complete and the cordless convenience of our MCUBE 18V range of power tools allows for convenient working in the field with limited access to power.


Durable hand tools are essential to agricultural tasks including field repairs, equipment maintenance, building structures and general maintenance work on farming equipment.

Wurth’s range of hand tools ranging from screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, sockets, allen keys and more have been designed to increase productivity and meet the requirements of the most challenging agricultural jobs.


Ensure you working area is always visible and well light with our range of quality cordless lighting solutions that have been built to withstand the toughest conditions.



With the Wurth range of soldering and welding tools all fabrication, repair and maintenance work on the farm is made easy.


Downtime on a farm means lost revenue but with the Wurth O-Ring Mounting Kit farmers and technicians can quickly replace worn or damaged O-rings on the go.

Not only does this prevent costly equipment repair but minimises equipment downtime.